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Amore Corporation is now enterprise established under the laws of Vietnam, based trading office in Hanoi, factory in the Industrial Park Hoai Duc, Hanoi. Abbreviation and Exchange: Amore.

Amore formerly factory professional wooden furniture with 20 skilled workers. Specializes in providing home and office furniture with over 10 years of experience in senior partner for companies large interior architecture. In 2011, Amore extended workshops and established companies, the main activities in the field of designing, constructing Architecture - Interior

Existing, Amore plant 30 high level workers, machinery and modern production equipment. Office design consultancy with over 10 architects, engineers, experienced and creative. Amore always ready with the highest requirements from customers, always ensuring "Creative design - Execution standard" .

- Amore Vision : 
Become the design and supply of products and services in the fields of Architecture - Interior  led the North in the next five years.

- Orientation and principles of operation Amore : 
Amore package orientation focused on providing products and services of Architecture - Interior Design to Execution for businesses and organizations at home and abroad high quality standard level of product and service foreign service.

Amore put human strategy is the key to the "gold" for the success of the company, Amore  top priority in attracting talent and giving the members of the company the opportunity  to maximize the ability of individuals.

Amore - Architecture - Interior
Creativity - Standards - Reliability - Development - Sustainable

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Amore Corp

Amore - Architecture - Interior
Office Address : No 2 Le Van Thiem Street, Nhan Chinh Ward, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi
Telephone : 04.6267.6688 - Fax : 04.6267.6689
Hotline : 0912.688.799
Email :
Website : &